See How They Run Review

Fans of Agatha Christie, Murder Mysteries, and comedy films are going to love to See How They Run. I’ve never seen a film that mixes so many familiar tropes in these three genres together. Tom George the director balances this line with beautiful precision and eloquence.  The film takes place in 1950s London. in theContinue reading “See How They Run Review”

The Midnight Sky Review

George Clooney has been hit-or-miss over his directing and acting career. I guess you could say a lot of actors and directors have a similar problem. By his early success in his career, he has been able to keep making movies he wants to make, mostly with his producing partner Grant Heslov. These two haveContinue reading “The Midnight Sky Review”

The Water Man Review

A middle of the road directorial debue Actors becoming directors isn’t anything new to the film industry. Over the years actors have delved into the realm of directing. Some with great success, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, and Robert Redford, and others not so well. With The Water Man, David Oyelowo takes his turn inContinue reading “The Water Man Review”

Why should the Oscar add nominees to the acting categories?

I believe The Academy Awards should reevaluate how many nominees should be given in the acting categories.