DC League Of Super-Pets Review

Warner Brothers and DC have struggled to find success with their super-hero films.  Some have been good, some have been just alright, and some have been not-so-great at all.  But with The League of Super-Pets, WB and DC may have just finally figured out what it takes to make a great superhero movie!  A good, clean, fun-filled, family-friendly filmContinue reading “DC League Of Super-Pets Review”

Neil Blomkamp is becoming a house hold name.

When I first heard the name Neil Blomkamp it was in a story about him being tapped to direct a Halo movie. Peter Jackson said he wanted to produce it and have this unknown filmmaker direct it. Of course this didn’t go over so well with the video game faithful who religiously play the gameContinue reading “Neil Blomkamp is becoming a house hold name.”