The Water Man Review

A middle of the road directorial debue Actors becoming directors isn’t anything new to the film industry. Over the years actors have delved into the realm of directing. Some with great success, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, and Robert Redford, and others not so well. With The Water Man, David Oyelowo takes his turn inContinue reading “The Water Man Review”

The Donut King

An inspiring immigration Story! When I was a kid, I lived in New England and one of my favorite places to eat was Dunkin’ Donuts. They had the most fluffy and delicious donuts when I was young. Little did I know then that they weren’t the be all end all of the donut shops inContinue reading “The Donut King”

Charm City Kings Review

A Gritty Realistic Coming of Age Tale! There are a lot of documentaries being made now. Quite a few of them don’t get turned into major motion pictures, but a few do get the honor. The Walk, Snowden, and Milk were all made after the successful documentaries Man on Wire, Citizenfour, and The Times of Harvey Milk all came out first. Charm CityContinue reading “Charm City Kings Review”