Luther: The Fallen Sun Review- A Terrific Addition to this Popular British Property

Luther is set in London, England, The film is based on a BBC television series, about an emotionally charged detective, of the same name, which started back in 2010, This is a launching pad for Elba and his fantastic career. The series was created by Neil Cross and so the film is the continuation ofContinue reading “Luther: The Fallen Sun Review- A Terrific Addition to this Popular British Property”

Three Thousand Years of Longing Review

George Miller is coming off of one of the biggest hits of his career with 2016’s Mad Max: Fury Road. It won six Academy Awards and spawned another film in the Max Max franchise, Furiosa. But action epics aren’t the only thing that Miller excels at making. His latest film, Three Thousand Years of Longing, is quite different from anythingContinue reading “Three Thousand Years of Longing Review”

Beast Review

Creature features are a mainstay of the horror genre. Jaws has been the gold standard of all creature features since it premiered in 1974. Since Jaws, there has been the occasional Anaconda or Crawl that has come out and touched on this level of what creature features can be. Beast, unlike The Ghost and the Darkness, doesn’t hit the highs of these other creatureContinue reading “Beast Review”

The Harder They Fall Review

The Best Western In Years I am a huge fan of westerns. Unforgiven is one of my favorite films of all time. Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Sergio Leone, John Ford, and so many others have kept me entertained for years. When I heard of a Western with an entirely Black cast of both young and established actors,Continue reading “The Harder They Fall Review”

Concrete Cowboy Review

Some of the best movies tell stories we may have never heard of before. It’s always nice when a slice-of-life story comes along that is very interesting and strikes a chord with viewers. Concrete Cowboy is one such film with a very touching story. Cole (Caleb McLaughlin, Stranger Things) is a troubled teen in Detroit. His mother hasContinue reading “Concrete Cowboy Review”

Nelson Mandela Died today at 95! He had a great influence on his country and the world!!

Today Nelson Mandela died at 95 years old! His legacy as a leader and humanitarian will forever live on. With the people of his country, South Africa, and everyone who he came in contact with. Their have been to movies to celebrate his life and and his achievements as a leader and patriot of hisContinue reading “Nelson Mandela Died today at 95! He had a great influence on his country and the world!!”