The Little Mermaid Review- A Visually Stunning and Incredibly Sounding Disney Live-Action Remake

The Little Mermaid is the latest live-action remake of one of Disney’s classic animated films from the 90s. The Little Mermaid is an empowering story for little girls and an indication that love transcends all odds. Disney has worked with Rob Marshall a few times in the past on Mary Poppins: Returns and Into theContinue reading “The Little Mermaid Review- A Visually Stunning and Incredibly Sounding Disney Live-Action Remake”

Lyle Lyle Crocodile Review

Hollywood has had a penchant for a while now to do animated films where the people are real and an animal is animated whether it be drawn animation or computer animation. Sometimes these films are based on the television shows like Yogi Bear and the Smurfs and other times they are based on literary charactersContinue reading “Lyle Lyle Crocodile Review”

My Top 10 Films of 2021

With 5 Honorable Mentions Blue Bayou 74% Rotten Tomatoes 58% Metacritic 5 stars Antonio LeBlanc is a Korean adoptee raised in a small town in the Louisiana bayou. He’s married to the love of his life, Kathy, and raising his beloved stepdaughter, Jessie. Struggling to make a better life for his family, he must soonContinue reading “My Top 10 Films of 2021”

Dune Review

A Masterpiece of cinema by Denis Villeneuve By now everyone is probably familiar with the David Lynch version of Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel Dune. By anybody’s standards, it’s not necessarily the best film Lynch has made or one of the best sci-fi films for that matter. Other than Star Wars and Aliens, most sci-fi films were kind ofContinue reading “Dune Review”