We Have A Ghost Review- A Fun Horror Comedy For the Whole Family

I’m not the biggest fan of horror comedies but We Have a Ghost might be one of the funniest horror comedies I’ve seen in years. Netflix likes to throw a lot at the wall to see what sticks but this movie is one of the better original films they’ve put out in a while. ItContinue reading “We Have A Ghost Review- A Fun Horror Comedy For the Whole Family”

The Watcher (Series) Review

Ryan Murphy is a producer of everything from the American Crime Story The People vs OJ Simpson to the many seasons of American Horror Story. Even though he has produced true stories and some comedies he mainly focuses on horror-related or thriller series and films. Most of his stuff has been on FX but ofContinue reading “The Watcher (Series) Review”

Promising Young Woman Review

Promising Young Woman takes the term revenge thriller to the next level. Revenge has never been done like this before. Sure, other films have had some gory scenes and a lot of blood flowing, but the story in those films was pretty basic. Emerald Fennell has flipped the genre on its head. This film premiered atContinue reading “Promising Young Woman Review”