Stars at Noon Review

Stars at Noon is the second film of 2022 for fence filmmaker Claire Denis. The other one, Both Sides of the Blade starring Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon (Titane) was almost unwatchable. Her film High Life from 2018 starring Robert Pattinson was quite the contrary. I was totally engaged by this man living on aContinue reading “Stars at Noon Review”

Licorice Pizza Review

Coming of age films come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are set in the modern-day, but more often than not they are set in the past. Paul Thomas Anderson’s¬†Licorice Pizza¬†finds its setting in 1970s Los Angeles. This film focuses on a fifteen-year-old zit-faced, ginger-haired high school student who is also an actor (CooperContinue reading “Licorice Pizza Review”