That 90s Show Review-A Fun Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

Fox was on a roll in the 90s with a bunch of hit shows like Simpsons, Married With Children, and In Living Color. One of their biggest hits ironically was That 70s Show. About a bunch of kids in Wisconsin who hung out at the house of the parents of one of the kids, andContinue reading “That 90s Show Review-A Fun Trip Down Nostalgia Lane”

Firestarter Review

Jason Blum has been one of the people who has reinvigorated the horror genre with his Blumhouse Pictures production company. He has scooped the rights to some popular IPs in the past, and the latest property that he and his company has acquired is Firestarter, based on the Steven King novel. If Firestarter sounds familiar, it probably isContinue reading “Firestarter Review”