Father Stu Review

Lately, Mark Wahlberg has been playing some roles in underwhelming films. His films Joe Bell and Uncharted haven’t shown the standard of acting he’s capable of that he proved in such films as The Fighter, The Departed, and Boogie Nights. Father Stu is a return to form for Wahlberg, and it’s a pleasant surprise. Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) is toiling away asContinue reading “Father Stu Review”

Big Year for Boxing movies Pt. 1

The Boxing movie genre has been a good one over the years. Some of the great movies of all times have been ones based on boxing movies. Directors like Martin Scorsese,Ron Howard,Micheal Mann, David O. Russell and Robert Wise have made movies based on boxing legends like Jake LaMotta,Gentleman Jim Braddock, Irish Mickey Ward, MuhammedContinue reading “Big Year for Boxing movies Pt. 1”