On the Count of Three Review

Some buddy comedies can be funny and heartwarming and some of them can be dumb and very inconsistent. The relationship of the main characters is the key to how buddy comedies work. In On the Count of Three, the two characters have great chemistry together, and as such, their relationship works very well. On the CountContinue reading “On the Count of Three Review”

Mass Review

Films about mass shootings aren’t that prevalent in today’s society. Mass directed by Fran Krantz is the latest film dealing with a mass shooting at a school. Though this film is fictional, it brings home the mental state of our children these days and the gun control issue in the United States, both major problems when dealingContinue reading “Mass Review”

Jockey Review

Films about horses or horse riding are a small sub-genre of sports films. When one comes around like Jockey, it’s a rare thing. The studios have made a few movies about horses in the past, but Jockey is a little independent film from documentarian-turned-narrative-filmmaker Clint Bentley. Jockey is about an aging horse jockey played by Clifton Collins Jr. He’sContinue reading “Jockey Review”