Renfield Review- Funny, Bloody, and Amazing

Count Dracula is one of the Universal Monsters characters from the 1930s. He was played brilliantly by Bela Lugosi. This character has been played by a lot of actors since this incarnation by Lugosi. Renfield on the other hand hasn’t gotten the attention in film and television that Dracula has gotten. The most iconic portrayalContinue reading “Renfield Review- Funny, Bloody, and Amazing”

Cocaine Bear Review- An Adrenaline-Fueled Eighties Nostalgia Trip

Animal attack films are a subgenre of the horror genre. There have been many of these types of films released over the years. Jaws, Cujo, Crawl, Anaconda, and Alligator are among the most popular of these films and the ones people consider the best ones to watch. They have a rewatchability factor as well. CocaineContinue reading “Cocaine Bear Review- An Adrenaline-Fueled Eighties Nostalgia Trip”

Knock at the Cabin Review-A Film With a Philosophical Question that is the Key to It’s Success

M. Night Shyamalan’s career has been a bit hit-and-miss. Ever since it started with the Sixth Sense back in 1999. He started pretty well with three fantastic films out of the gate but started to falter in the mid to late 2000s with dud after dud. It wasn’t until he put out The Visit inContinue reading “Knock at the Cabin Review-A Film With a Philosophical Question that is the Key to It’s Success”

M3GAN Review-Technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

James Wan and Jason Blum have been at the forefront of the horror genre for a couple of decades now. Between them, they’ve directed and produced some of the best horror films and franchises the world has seen in the past few decades. It makes sense that they would team up to nurture new talentContinue reading “M3GAN Review-Technology isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!”

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish- Antonio Banderas, as Puss in Boots, is the reason this movie works its magic

Puss in Boots was a supporting character in the Shrek franchise back in the 2000s ever since the character had gotten a film of its own. Now this feline swashbuckling cat gets his second film. There must be an audience for this character he keeps getting chances because Universal and Dreamworks keeps going back toContinue reading “Puss In Boots: The Last Wish- Antonio Banderas, as Puss in Boots, is the reason this movie works its magic”

Violent Night Review-A Perfect Mix of Genres in this Holiday Movie Season

David Harbour has had some ups and downs in his career of late. He was part of the assembled cast of the hit series Stranger Things on Netflix. That launched his career into superstardom and off of that, he got the role of Hellboy in the reboot of the franchise. That didn’t go so wellContinue reading “Violent Night Review-A Perfect Mix of Genres in this Holiday Movie Season”

The Fabelmans Review

Steven Spielberg has made some of the most loved and revered films in the history of the film industry. His movies have wowed and amazed audiences for fifty years. His latest film might be the most autobiographical of them all though. He has finally broken down and did a movie about himself. The Fabelmans isContinue reading “The Fabelmans Review”

Ticket to Paradise Review

The years of good or even great rom-coms have gone the way of the doh-doh bird. They are almost extinct. Occasionally we may get one here or there that isn’t dumb or contrived or use toilet humor to get laughs at the expense of the plot/story or direction. Ticket to Paradise isn’t one of thoseContinue reading “Ticket to Paradise Review”

Halloween Ends Review

Halloween Ends is the end of the David Gordon Green Trilogy. It is supposed to serve as the end of this franchise forever. So it needs to have a conclusion that satisfies everybody, hardcore fans, and critics alike. As a big fan of this franchise myself, I can say this film is the conclusion I’veContinue reading “Halloween Ends Review”

Nope Review

Jordan Peele surprised the whole world when Get Out came out. It is considered one of the best horror movies in recent memory. It even garnered him an Academy Award for Original Screenplay. He is now considered a must-see director. His next film, Us, was another audacious outing. He likes to make statements about society while also tryingContinue reading “Nope Review”