Titans Season 4 Review

Titans has been one of the better shows produced by Greg Berlanti and the WB. It is one of the few shows grounded in reality and not CW-ified like so many more like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. It has a look and feel that I love. It actually looks more like the films thanContinue reading “Titans Season 4 Review”

Elvis Revew

I don’t remember much about my mother, except that she was a very sick woman who died very young. One of the things I do remember about her was she would load all the kids — my brothers, my sister, and I — into whatever car we had at the time, usually a station wagon,Continue reading “Elvis Revew”

In the Heights Review

Lin-Manuel Miranda has made a name for himself with the smash hit Tony Award-winning production of Hamilton a few years ago. Since then he’s written the music for the Disney animated film Moana, starred as a lamplighter in Mary Poppins Returns, and played an Aeronaut in the HBO television series His Dark Materials, based on the popular book series byContinue reading “In the Heights Review”

Godzilla vs Kong Review

Warner Bros. landed a deal with Legendary Films and with that came the MonsterVerse. WB wanted to create this shared universe between Godzilla and King Kong to compete with Disney and Marvel to some extent. To a lesser extent. they do. Marvel/Disney has a lot more characters and can do many more films. The MonsterVerseContinue reading “Godzilla vs Kong Review”