Why Marvel/Disney could do the Infinity story-line from the comics.

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Marvel was bought by Disney a few years ago. Since then they have been trying to, and succeeded in setting up a cinematic universe. With the success of Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. this process was started. In the end credits there was a scene where Nick Fury/Samuel L. Jackson is in Tony Stark’s/Iron Man house and he says we need to talk about the Avengers initiative. From there the whole idea for a shared cinematic universe started. Marvel/Disney hired a man to oversee this cinematic universe and his name was Kevin Fiege. Kevin Fiege set out to make multiple Marvel movies. First there was The Hulk/Edward Norten and then there was Thor/Chris Hemsworth, then there was Captain America/Chris Evans. Within the films of Thor and Captain America we were introduced to other two other characters The Black Widow/Scarlet Johansson and Hawkeye/Jeremy Renner. All these movies would culminate in an Avengers movie. This would be known as phase one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Phase two would be announced at the San-Diego Comic-Con in  2012. After phase one was complete and was a huge success Kevin Fiege would start work on phase two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With sequels of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America phase two would be off and running. Fiege would add a different group to the mix with the introduction of The Guardians of the Galaxy out in August 2014. Then the sequel to the Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Adding two more Avengers, Joss Whedon broke the news that a brother sister duo will be introduced in Avenger 2: The Age of Ultron,. Quicksilver/Aaron Taylor-Johnson and The Scarlet Witch/Elizabeth Olson. Knowing how smart the comic book fans were Fiege decided to add a popular character who plays prominently in the creation of Ultron/James Spader to the Cinematic Universe. That character is Ant-man/Paul Rudd. The Ant-man movie wouldn’t come before Avengers 2 though. It would be the beginning of phase three.

Phase three has pretty much been announced even though there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron would lead into phase three which starts off with Ant-Man. The films announced so far for phase three besides Ant-Man are Captain America 3, Thor 3, Avengers 3 and a rumored Doctor Strange movie. The Falcon/Anthony Mackie has been introduced in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. So the tally of characters introduced so far into the Marvel Cinematic Universe are Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Falcon, Ant-man,Quicksilver, The Scarlett Witch and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Tentatively Doctor Strange, who was spoken of in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. So if my total is right we would have fifteen characters. With The Black Panther,The Wasp, and The Inhumans looming in the near future and Marvel/Disney probably getting the rights back for Namor The Sub Mariner from Universal Pictures. This would make twenty five characters they already have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Using these twenty five characters and some of the great villains and aliens races already alluded to Marvel/Disney could do The Illuminati. A group of elders or leaders of all the super heroes in the universe. They could go into space with the technology we have seen so far in the movies. In the story-line more characters like Ms. Marvel could appear. This story is a great Marvel story and its a lot newer then the Infinity Gantlet story. With all the established characters you wouldn’t need the X-Men or Fantastic Four or even Spider-Man. This is a far reaching story and Marvel/Disney could use all kinds of special effects to bring this awesome story-line  to the big screen and all the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Dan Skip Allen

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