Who do you think should play popular Marvel characters Doctor Strange and Black Panther?


Disney/Marvel has put some little hints out there that were gonna see Doctor Strange and The Black Panther in there own stand alone movies or a future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. In a line in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier were here from a shield agent that Stephen Strange exists in the MCU. Stephen Strange is the alter ego of Doctor Strange. This comes as no surprise seeing that MCU head Kevin Feige has long talked about a possible Doctor Strange appearance whether it be a stand a lone movie or guest appearance in another MCU movie. Disney/Marvel seems to also be leaning towards an appearance by The Illuminati in an MCU film as well. Doctor Strange is a member of the shadowy group as well.

Listening to an interview this week with 42 and Draft Day star Chadwick Bossman, we got a little tidbit about The Black Panther. When asked about his possible casting as T’challa the King of Wakanda he said there he knew of the rumor of his casting but, that was all he could say. T’challa is the alter ego of The Black Panther. With vibranium already making its appearance in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie, we know about its existence as the metal that Captain America’s shield is made of. An appearance from The Black Panther wouldn’t be to far out of reach.

I myself wouldn’t mind Bossman as The Black Panther of rumored Patrick Dempsey as Doctor Strange but, I have other choices in mind. My choice for The Black Panther would be Oscar nominee for 12 Years a Slave Chiwetel Ejiofor. He is a proven actor in a lot of good movies the least of which is American Gangster. Now my pick for Doctor Strange is Viggo Mortenson. He has proven to be a great actor as well.  In quite a few diverse roles. Let me know in comments who you think should play these characters and what you think of my choices.

Dan Skip Allen

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