My Best and Worst Films of the Summer of 2014

This has been a pretty good summer for movie going. We had the occasional romantic comedy, the far and in between horror movie and the very loud comic book movie or sequel. The most often movies we had were dramas. We had big dramas and we had small dramas but, nonetheless we had a lot of dramas. My favorite kind of film. There were a few historical dramas and some dramas masked as thrillers or spy films. Also we had a few sci-fi dramas.

These are my Best films of the Summer


download (6)

#4:X-Men Days of Future Past


#3:Guardians of the Galaxy


#2:Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

download (7)


download (8)

These are my Worst movies of the Summer

#5:22 Jump Street




#3:Into the Storm




#2:When the Game Stands Tall



#1:Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

download (9)



I like some movies that came out this summer and by this you probably know that I didn’t like some movies that came out this summer. Here’s hoping we have a hell of a lot of great movies the rest of the year and not so many bad ones. 

Dan Skip Allen







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