Colin Firth is everywhere this year!


Colin Firth is a British film,television and theater actor. He was born on September 10th 1960. His film s have made 3 billion dollars from 42 releases worldwide. His most notable  and acclaimed role to date has been his 2010 portrayal of King Henry VI in the King’s Speech a performance that gained him an Oscar and many other worldwide Best actor awards. It went on to gross 414.2 million worldwide at the box office.


The King’s Speech is about a monarch who tries to over come his speech impediment. Firth portrays Prince Albert the Duke of York/King George VI a man who is thrust into the leadership role in England during World War II. He won the Best actor Oscar in February for this role of a life time for him.

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Earlier this year Colin Firth starred with a trio of actresses two of which have won Oscars for acting. Devil’s Knot is about the West Memphis three. Firth plays Ron Lax a private investigator who tries to defend the west Memphis three. Witherspoon plays the mother of a missing child in the movie Pam Hobbs. The second movie he stars with an Oscar winner is Rhrailway Man. He plays Eric Lomax a man who has been captured during World War II by the Japanese. He is punished and tortured by the military and made to build a railway going across the Thia-Burma area of Malaysia. Kidman plays his girlfriend and then wife Patricia Wallace. The third movie Firth starred in earlier this year is Magic in the Moonlight. Where he co-stars with Emma Stone. Firth plays a Chinese magician Wei Ling Soo otherwise known as Stanley Crawford. He is set to discredit a young futurist by a close friend of his from back home. Magic in the Moonlight is directed by Woody Allen.

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This month Firth stars once again with his co-star from The Railway Man Nicole Kidman in Before I go to Sleep. Firth plays the husband, Ben Lucas, of Nicole Kidman’s Christine Lucas. She is a women who wakes up every day with no memories. This movie is based on the world wide best seller of the same name. Later this year Firth will voice the popular kids character Paddington Bear in the movie Paddington. Its a bout a bear who is rescued from his home in Peru. He ends up living with the Brown family. Paddington is based on the children’s books of the same name. Paddington come out later this year in December 2014.


Originally supposed to be out in September The Kingsman: The Secret Service is a spy movies about a secret agency who recruits some new members to fight an evil Samual L. Jackson. Firth is at home playing Uncle Jack the leader of the new recruits of this secret society of spy’s. The Kingsman: The Secret Service is based on the acclaimed comic book series of the same name by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. Its directed by Matthew Vaughn or X-Men First Class and Kick-Ass fame. This movie now comes out in February 2015.

Firth has played spies in the past in Tinker,Tailer,Soldier,Spy but, it remains a definite that he can play any role from spy to prisoner of war, magician and also southern private eye as well as voice an animated bear. This Oscar winning actor has really come into the prime of his career and will continue to give his fans and movie goers alike plenty of more compelling characters to watch on the big screen.

Dan Skip Allen

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