Chadwick Boseman is The Black Panther

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Chadwick Boseman is a young actor who has been in only a few movies. He was born in Anderson South Carolina on February,2nd 1977.He has really made his make though working with acclaimed directors and actors right out of the gate. In 2013 he played legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson in Brian Helgeland’s 42. Along side him was non other then Harrison Ford as the Dodgers’s owner and friend to, Boseman’s, Robinson,Branch Rickey. In 2014 he portrayed a defensive back for the Clevland Browns. His coach, Sonny Weaver, in the movie was played by Kevin Costner no stranger to sports movies. This past august Boseman once again played a real life person. Oscar nominated director Tate Taylor cast the young actor to play soul singer James Brown in his bio-pic called Get on Up. The movie was named after Brown’s song of the same name. Boseman was a surprising choice for this role but he knocked it out of the park. No pun intended seeing he did play Jackie Robinson a year earlier.

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Yesterday, in a surprise Marvel live event, we learned about Marvel’s plans for the next five years of there cinematic universe. Phase three of Marvel’s plans had an announcement that in November 3rd 2017 there is going to be a Black Panther movie. They also announced that on May, 6th 2016 that Captain America 3;Civil War will be released into cinemas. Once this announcement was made Captain America and Iron Man themselves came out. Yes I mean Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. came out onto the stage. The started pushing each other and had the fists in the air when they said we introduce Chadwick Boseman as The Black Panther. Then they asked him whose side is he on and Boseman procided to say he’s on nobody’s side and he’s his own man. After the Avenger’s:Age of Ultron trailer was leaked last week to a lot of praise and dropped jaws by fan boys alike. Marvel released a tweet that said Darn Hydra and then put out the official American version of the leaked trailer a half hr. later. In that trailer we see a man played by Andy Serkis who looks a lot like The Black Panthers arch enemy Ulysses Claw and we see at the end of the trailer that Captain America’s shield was shattered. Its made of Vibranium. The only place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that vibranium is mined is the home country of The Black Panther Wakanda. It only goes to show that Ulyses Klaw and Vibranium equals Wakanda which means The Black Panther. I think the Black Panther will be in Avenger’s: Age of Ultron and Captain America 3: Civil War along with his own movie in 2017. This is inspired casting because Boseman has proven himself in the past but, also he is young and can probably be coursed into signing multi picture deal like Marvel like its actors to do. Its gonna be a great future for him and Marvel!


Dan Skip Allen

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