My Oscar Predictions

I have watched over one hundred and seventy movies this past year so I believe this allows me to give a very informed opinion on what movies are good or bad. In this case I believe I have the best idea when it comes to making Oscar predictions. I have seen all but one Oscar nominee in the acting categories and all the nominees in all the Best Picture and directing categories. I however have not seen all the Animated movies nominated for the Best Animated Feature though. That being said here are my predictions on all the major categories.

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I strongly believe that Boyhood starring Ellar Colltrane as Mason and Ethan Hawke,(Oscar Nominee) Patricia Arquette and Loralie Linklater. This coming of age film directed by (Oscar Nominee) Richard Linklater is clearly the best film of the year in my opinion. I think this story has resonated with plenty of people all over the world. It does have a story of normalcy but one that I could relate to in a way that it reminded me of my childhood and upbringing. I would love for this film and its stars and behind the scenes people to be rewarded for such a wonderful film.

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In the Best actor category I believe that Micheal Keaton will win the Oscar for Best Actor. Micheal Keaton was so believable as this actor trying to make a play in New York but also trying to forget his past as a famous superhero in a series of films a decade before. This is a funny movie written by (Oscar nominee) Alejandro Gonzalez Inuritu about a Micheal Keaton type actor. I believe Micheal Keaton was the perfect actor to play this role because it resembled his career in the past and present.


My pick to win the Best Actress Oscar is Julianne Moore for her role of Alice in Still Alice. I have recently watched this film about a women who has been diagnosed early onset alzhiemers. Julianne Moore has has several great performance over her career and has won and Emmy Award for Best Actress in a made for television movie or mini-series for portraying Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I was shocked while watching this film because of the degrading of this women’s mind during the film. I definitely came to the conclusion that this was the Best performance by a lead actress.


I saw Whiplash back in October and as soon as I got out of the theater I knew that J K Simmons was in my opinion gonna win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. I believed it then and I believe it now that J K Simmons is the closest thing to a lock in this years Academy Awards. He gives a performance like no other this year. As a strong willed band leader, Terrence Fletcher, Who tries to get the most out of his band members of this jazz band he is conducting.

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I have talked about Boyhood once in this article already but, this is the second time of three I will bring up this great movie. I believe Patricia Arquette should win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Patricia Arquette is the heart of this coming of age film. As Mason’s mom she really went through a lot for her kids. I really was on board with her performance as this mom struggling with abusive husbands and alcohol. Always being strong for her children the entire time.

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With everything I have said about Boyhood it goes without saying that I think Richard Linklater should and will win the Oscar for Best Director. He has crafted a great family film over twelve years. Nobody saw this coming. LInklater really got these actors and actresses to buy into this marathon of a movie about family and growing up.


In a year of not so good Animated movies we had a few stand outs. One of those was Big Hero Six. This was an adapted movies from the comic book of the same name. Though a very different movie then the comic book. I fell in love with Baymax as did so many others I’m sure and the action and story swept me up. The animation was on par with some of the best animated films ever. I pick Big Hero Six as the Best Animated Feature Oscar winner.

I love this time of year where we get to talk about our favorite movies of the past year. Oscar nominations day is one of my most anticipated of the entire year. Oscar Sunday is always my favorite day of the year. I am sad when its over because I have to wait an entire year for all of this to start again. In between though I have a whole year of movies to watch and that’s always a great thing.

Dan Skip Allen

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