Raya and the Last Dragon

Peter Del Vecho is a successful producer most notably because of Frozen and The Princess and the Frog. This allowed him to produce the highly original new film for Disney, Raya and the Last Dragon. Disney has created a formula that is tried and true but every once and a while they veer away from their formula. Raya and the Last Dragon isn’t exactly like their other projects, but that’s what makes it better in some regards. Stepping out on a ledge is sometimes better than doing the safe thing. 

Kumandra is a fictional land where dragons and humans lived together in harmony. Until one day when monsters that are known as Druun threatened Kumandra. All the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. When the Druun return after 500 years, a female warrior known as Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) and her band of misfits: Sisu the Dragon (Awkwafina), Tong (Benedict Wong), and Boun (Isaac Wong) help her try and save Kumandra.

Disney has been known for its cutting-edge animation. Over the decades, they have improved on their tried and true formula, making their films better and better each time they improve on their style. For the last decade or so, they’ve been doing computer-animated films similar to their sister company Pixar. Their style is a little different though, not to seem exactly like Pixar. Both have succeeded in their ways which have made Disney that much better of a movie-making company.

Raya and the Last Dragon has a lot of darker colors which help to show the difficult nature of the story. It also has a lot of the bright colors Disney has been known for. The dragons are bright and colorful. They all have their unique difference which set them apart. When the film changes landscapes, it’s notably different as well. All the beauty of Kumandra is on display in this, the newest from Disney animation. It’s nice to see all the films are distinctly different from their predecessors. This one stands apart on its own as well.

Raya and the Last Dragon has a great story of action and adventure with a little Asian culture thrown in. Even though it’s a fictional land of Kumandra, it is rich with characters and vibrant colors. It is a sweet story for anybody looking for a change of pace. It has backstabbing friends, feuding lands, and crystals everybody are chasing after. It is a little Indiana Jones with a little Mulan thrown it for good measure. It’s a fun film for adults and kids alike.

4 1/2 stars

Dan Skip Allen

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