No Time To Die Review-The Perfect Conclusion to the Daniel Craig Era of Bond

It’s been a long time since the original release date for No Time To Die. It was supposed to come out around a year and a half ago, but then the pandemic shut down all theaters, so many films moved release dates. Some moved more than once. No Time To Die was one of those but finally lands in theaters on October 8th of this year. It was worth the wait because this is a worthwhile 25th installment and conclusion to Daniel Craig’s era of James Bond.

Bond is living an idyllic life on a beach in Jamaica when he is pulled back into a life of espionage and violence. A frequent collaborator of his from the CIA, Felix Leiter (Jeffery Wright), gets him involved in a political game between governments. He asks him to rescue a scientist that has the key to a special blood transfusion technology. In the process, it leads him to track down his past lover Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux). Her connection to a new Bond villain, Safin (Rami Malek), could lead to the end of Bond as we know him.

Cary Joji Fukunaga was brought in as the director after the studio went through a couple of others. He’s famous for season one of True Detective on HBO. His sensibilities on True Detective leaned themselves for this hard-hitting, more gritty style of Bond that has been the Daniel Craig Era. The action scenes and more dramatic stuff were balanced by a few more comedic moments. This helped the film have many layers to it which was right up the alley of Craig and Fukunaga.

Bond films are synonymous with the opening sequences that are action-packed and filled with adventure. This film is no different than the others. Casino Royale had the best of the bunch, but this one action sequence was quite suspenseful and thrilling. Along with the opening sequences, we all remember the credit sequences and songs. This time the song was written and performed by Billie Eilish. It’s a great addition to this franchise.

When you play an iconic character such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or James Bond, you will always be compared to the others that portrayed these characters in the past. Sean Connery is considered the best Bond by a wide margin by the masses and critics. Well, Daniel Craig has caught up to him or even surpassed him by the ending of his five-film run as the suave, debonair ladies’ man with a license to kill. He puts his emotions into his Bond as no other Bond has in the past. He also goes through so much pain and suffering as well. This is by far the best Bond as far as I’m concerned thanks to Craig.

These films also have a great supporting cast. This current run of Bond films has newer versions of M (Ralph Fiennes), Q (Ben Wishaw), and even Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), all since Skyfall. These actors, along with Wright, have added their unique takes on the iconic characters. They are the perfect supporting cast to a phenomenal Bond played by Craig.

No Time To Die has the right mix of drama, action, suspense, and comedy like no Bond film has ever had before. There are twists in the plot that are quite interesting. This story goes in places that I never saw coming. It is the perfect conclusion to the Daniel Craig era of James Bond. He had a great first, middle, and ending film in his run on the character. I truly believe this is the best era of James Bond ever even though I do have a soft spot in my heart for Roger Moore and Octopussy.

4 1/2

Dan Skip Allen

Sean Boelman

Founder/EIC disappointment media

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