The Curse of Bridge Hollow Review

Netflix likes to release some horror movies and shows in the lead-up to the holiday. Some of them are serious like Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, and others are more comedic like Hubie Halloween. The Curse of Bridge Hollow is one of the more comedic films. This is the kind of family Halloween movie that kids and their parents can watch together to enjoy the holiday.

A father (Marlon Wayans), his wife Emily (Kelly Rowland), and their daughter Sydney (Priah Ferguson) move to a new town in New England called Bridge Hollow. They didn’t know until they got there that everybody in the town likes to celebrate Halloween. They all put up decorations and have gatherings at a local festival and the high school in town. After Sydney and her friends inadvertently release a curse on the townsfolk she has to rely on her fraidy-cat father notoriously afraid of this holiday to help her get rid of the town’s holiday decorations that come to life.

Stingy Jack is the name of the demon he reappears and he wants to find a way to put his head with his body so he can live forever. With the help of Madame Hawthorne, a ghost Wayans, Ferguson, and her friends including the high school principal, (John Michael Higgins) the Town Mayor Tammy (Lauren Lapkus), and the local Sheriff (Rob Riggle) they fight Jack and his decorations that come to life and try to kill everyone in town.

Jeff Wadlow is no stranger to scary films, he doesn’t make a seriously scary film this time out. He is intentionally making a comedic movie. The props are so fake looking and the main bad guy Stingy Jack is almost laughable to look at. The action is very funny and pretty goofy. Wayans and company know they are in a comedy and they don’t break down while playing their characters. It would have been easy to throw in the towel but they don’t. The campiness of the film overall is on a perfect note.

Even though I know what I am watching and I should give it the benefit of the doubt I just can’t. Just like Hubie Halloween. It is just not good enough to give it a pass. It’s more like a guilty pleasure film one could watch with their friends or like I said earlier their families. I needed something with more substance. This just wasn’t my cup of tea. Even though it seemed like everyone involved we’re having a good time. I wasn’t! It’s sad because I don’t mind a good Halloween comedy once in a while.

1 ½ stars 

Dan Skip Allen

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