Killers of the Flower Moon- Rave Reviews and High Praise for Scorsese’s Latest

Killers of the Flower Moon was supposed to come out last year but the announcement came that it would premier at this year’s Cannes Film Festival which made Apple and Paramount move its release to this year instead. It has been my most anticipated film the last two years. When a new Scorsese film comes out its like a holiday and a birthday all rolled up into one. People anticipate it like the coming of Jesus, at least I do.

The trailer released on Thursday May 18th and this wet a lot of people’s appitights for this three and a half hour epic. This means this movie is definitely coming out in the near future, October 6th for US audiences. Audiences in France at the Cannes Film Festival got to see it yesterday and the reviews are in. But first what is this epic story really about?

Here is the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s about a series of murders on the Osage Native American people back in the 1920s. The formation of the FBI as well during this time. The murders were because the Osage people were among the richest people in the world per capita because they found oil on their land. This film is based on the book The Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann.

Here are some critics opinions of this film out of its Cannes Premier yesterday are as follows.

“Look what we did to them!”

That’s what Martin Scorsese demands of any viewer of #KillersOfTheFlowerMoon to know. One of his greatest achievements.
Lily Gladstone’s performance? An all-timer. What she gives us comes from the ancestors. Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro shine. Clayton Davis Film Critic

KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON is a deserved, rather than presumptive, Oscar contender with DiCaprio as Best Actor, De Niro as Supporting, Lily Gladstone Best Supporting, Scorsese Director (of course), Best Adapted & Best Film. It is a theatrical experience as it courses along, even at 3hours, 26 minutes, and that’s how it should be seen, but it moves at its its own original rhythm. What a discovery! Keith Simanton senior editor IMDB

Everything about KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON is big: The story, the scale, the run time, the staggering amount of extras, and the terrifically assured performance from Lily Gladstone opposite DiCaprio and De Niro. So big there’s room for cameos from Brendan Fraser *and* Pete Yorn! Kyle Buchanan the New York Times

‘Killers of the Flower Moon’: Martin Scorsese takes on bestseller about a murder epidemic among the Osage and turns it into a masterpiece. Our review: Rolling Stone

The film is “shocking, at times crushingly sorrowful, a true-crime mystery that in its bone-chilling details can make it feel closer to a horror movie,” our critic Manohla Dargis writes.The New York Times

The searing, sprawling ‘Killers,’ which premiered Saturday at Cannes, is both like and unlike anything its director has ever done. The LA Times

Here is the review from The Oscar Expert Cole

Here is the press conference live from Festival de Cannes with Martin Scorsese, Robert Deniro, Lily Gladstone, Leonardo Dicaprio and Standing Bear the Chief of the Osage Nation

If these opinions are any indications on what this film could be come awards season than look out this could be a juggernaut for Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Director for Scorsese, Best Actor for DiCaprio, Best Actress for Gladstone, Supporting Actor for Deniro and many other nominations such as score, editing costumes and cinematography. Time will only tell though and the rest of us will have to wait to see it in October. I for one cannot wait until then I am very excited for this movie.

Dan Skip Allen

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