The Wrath of Becky- A Sequel That’s Better than the Original Film

Becky was an action horror film from 2020. It featured Lulu Wilson in the lead time of Becky, a twelve-year-old girl who didn’t get along with her father or his decision to remarry. When some neo-nazis escape prison and come to her house looking for a special key she jumps into action to try to protect her family and take out these neo-Nazis. Fast forward four years later as she’s now sixteen she has bounced around from foster home to foster home. The Wrath of Becky takes this character to a new level of action and brings the blood and gore once again.

Becky (Lulu Wilson) currently lives with an old lady (Elana), and she still has her dog, Diego, by her side. She also trains and sometimes falls into her own traps, also she works at a diner, Three men, who have a flag in their truck of the emblem of a militia group known as The Noble Men, come into the diner Becky works at. She accidentally on purpose drops coffee on one of the guys. They come to her house and break in and one of the men kills the old lady Becky. They take her dog, Diego, 

The three men meet up with Darryl, the leader of this faction of  The Noble Men (Seann William Scott), an ex-Army Ranger who fought in Iraq. Becky comes to the house after finding out this was the right Darryl she was looking for. She steals a thumb drive with all the names of the members of The Noble Men on it. This, like the key in the first film, is a McGuffin, as Roger Ebert says, an item that moves the plot forward. This is when the real action starts.

As in the first film Becky takes revenge on those responsible for killing a friend or loved one. Or in this installment also kidnaps her dog. She has a knack for creating new and interesting ways to make these men and one woman pay for what they’ve done. With this being a group of militiamen you know they have a lot of weapons at their disposal which means Becky has all of this weaponry at her disposal as well. She gets creative with these weapons. 

Lulu Wilson wasn’t an actress I knew before seeing her in the original film in this series. She seemed a bit awkward in her role in the first film Becky. In this one, she opens up more as an actress. And her character benefits from this. Wilson shows more range as an actress in this sequel. The writers, Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote, and Nick Nortis, give her more to do regarding her dialogue. While the directors also Angel and Coote give her more room to explore the action side of her character. 

Becky was a pleasant surprise when I saw it a few years ago. The Wrath of Becky improves on that film in many categories. The action sequences are better than in the first film and they get crazy. Wilson is better as an actress in this sequel as well. The writers/directors have expanded on this character and the world she exists in. This story doubles down on the leftist agenda the creator of this character wants viewers to see. I for one am glad of this type of storytelling. This movie was a lot of fun and better than the first one. 

4 stars 

Dan Skip Allen

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