Monster (2021) Review

Courtroom dramas can be a bit of a mixed bag. Some can turn out to be cinematic masterpieces, such as 12 Angry Men, A Time to Kill, or this past year’s The Trial of the Chicago 7. Others can have a little too much schmaltz and play too much to the camera. The fact remains courtroom dramas haveContinue reading “Monster (2021) Review”

I’m No Longer Here Review

You rarely see a film in a filmmaker career that says as much as I’m No Longer Here. Fernando Frias has created a film about a place, music, and an identity of a group of people rarely seen or talked about. This is a small subsection of Mexican culture that takes place in Monterrey, Mexico. It’sContinue reading “I’m No Longer Here Review”

Those Who Wish me Dead Review

This Who Wish Me Dead is based on a book by Michael Koryta. It’s the latest film from director Taylor Sheridan (Sicario Hell or High Water-Wind River) He has a penchant for making these modern films but putting a classic feel to them. Or as they say, making neo-noir films. This has that kind ofContinue reading “Those Who Wish me Dead Review”

The Boy From Medellin Review

Rappers’ music has an important place in popular culture in the world. We forget that there aren’t just rappers in America. Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin is better known as J Balvin. He is from Medellin, Colombia, and is known as the “Prince of Reggaeton”, a form of Latin Rap music. He is the voice ofContinue reading “The Boy From Medellin Review”

Misha and the Wolves Review

Documentaries can be straightforward sometimes or they can be a little off the wall. Every once in a while you get a doc that tells a story that’s so incredible it is too good to be true. Misha and the Wolves is a little bit of all of this combined. I don’t know how the filmmakers heardContinue reading “Misha and the Wolves Review”

Lily Topples the World Review

The thing about a good documentary is it has to engage the viewers with a fascinating story that draws the audience in. Even though Lily Topples the World is pretty much a straightforward doc, it has what it needs to be interesting and fascinating and that’s its subject, Lily Hevesh. Her story is not that of anContinue reading “Lily Topples the World Review”

Without Remorse Review

Tom Clancy is no stranger to having his book get turned into movies. His Jack Ryan character has been in six films and a hit streaming series on Amazon Prime starring John Krasinski as the title character. The character of John Clark, another Clancy regular, has appeared in two of the Jack Ryan films. LievContinue reading “Without Remorse Review”

The Mitchell’s vs the Machines Review

Road trip movies have been a thing now for at least four decades. Films such as National Lampoon’s Vacation are iconic films in this small genre. The thing is there haven’t been many — if any — road trip movies in the animation genre. The Mitchell’s vs the Machines is quite the road trip movie with a twist onContinue reading “The Mitchell’s vs the Machines Review”

City of Lies Review

Movies based on true events can be terrific or they can veer off track and end up not very good. City of Lies is a bit of a mixed bag. The idea of this film is fascinating even though I’m not a fan of rap music. The world that rappers exist in is an interesting one. TheyContinue reading “City of Lies Review”