Raya and the Last Dragon

Peter Del Vecho is a successful producer most notably because of Frozen and The Princess and the Frog. This allowed him to produce the highly original new film for Disney, Raya and the Last Dragon. Disney has created a formula that is tried and true but every once and a while they veer away from their formula. Raya and theContinue reading “Raya and the Last Dragon”

Coming 2 America Review

Coming 2 America is the sequel to the widely popular and critical success from 1988 from director John Landis. Making sequels many years after the original, 33 years later, in this case, has become a thing lately. The question is can a sequel come out many years after the original and capture the originality, fanfare, andContinue reading “Coming 2 America Review”

I Care A Lot Review

In I Care a Lot, Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl) plays a legal guardian who tries to bilk an old lady (played by two-time Academy Award winner Diane Weist) out of her fortune until she runs a fowl of a dangerous gangster (played by five-time Emmy winner Peter Dinklage). The film also features supporting turns by EizaContinue reading “I Care A Lot Review”

76 Days Review

This film is the first of its kind. Not the fact that it’s a documentary, the fact that it’s the first film about the COVID-19 epidemic. Filmmakers Hao Wu & Weixi Chen take their cameras to the Wuhan Province in China where this epidemic started. They specifically focus on five hospitals and their doctors andContinue reading “76 Days Review”

Little Fish Review

In recent years, there have been a few films dealing with couples or relationships where one of the two has an illness or debilitating disease. Usually, they are sold to the public as young adult films. Little Fish is based on a short story by Aja Gabel and adapted for the screen by Mattison Thomlin. This storyContinue reading “Little Fish Review”

Supernova Review

Bleecker Street has had a few movies recently that have dealt with love and its many variations. This film is about two men specifically who have a very touching and beautiful relationship. Supernova is that rare film that touches on romantic things without being too preachy. It has a softer side to it that films such asContinue reading “Supernova Review”

On the Count of Three Review

Some buddy comedies can be funny and heartwarming and some of them can be dumb and very inconsistent. The relationship of the main characters is the key to how buddy comedies work. In On the Count of Three, the two characters have great chemistry together, and as such, their relationship works very well. On the CountContinue reading “On the Count of Three Review”

The World to Come Review

Movies set in a period such as the 1800s and other periods are a pleasant surprise. Films like Westerns or Civil War films make up a majority of these but are still few and far between. It’s nice to see films set in many different times in history. That being said, there have been threeContinue reading “The World to Come Review”

Malcolm & Marie Review

Zendaya and John David Washington have had quite the run in the last few years of their acting careers. From winning an Emmy for Euphoria and being in the Spider-Man films to working with Spike Lee and Christopher Nolan, they both are actors who are on the consciousness of film and television aficionados everywhere. Their careers have taken offContinue reading “Malcolm & Marie Review”

Mass Review

Films about mass shootings aren’t that prevalent in today’s society.┬áMass┬ádirected by Fran Krantz is the latest film dealing with a mass shooting at a school. Though this film is fictional, it brings home the mental state of our children these days and the gun control issue in the United States, both major problems when dealingContinue reading “Mass Review”