Without Remorse Review

Tom Clancy is no stranger to having his book get turned into movies. His Jack Ryan character has been in six films and a hit streaming series on Amazon Prime starring John Krasinski as the title character. The character of John Clark, another Clancy regular, has appeared in two of the Jack Ryan films. LievContinue reading “Without Remorse Review”

The Mitchell’s vs the Machines Review

Road trip movies have been a thing now for at least four decades. Films such as National Lampoon’s Vacation are iconic films in this small genre. The thing is there haven’t been many — if any — road trip movies in the animation genre. The Mitchell’s vs the Machines is quite the road trip movie with a twist onContinue reading “The Mitchell’s vs the Machines Review”

City of Lies Review

Movies based on true events can be terrific or they can veer off track and end up not very good. City of Lies is a bit of a mixed bag. The idea of this film is fascinating even though I’m not a fan of rap music. The world that rappers exist in is an interesting one. TheyContinue reading “City of Lies Review”

Riders of Justice Review

Mads Mikkelsen has had quite the career for himself. This past year he’s worked with Thomas Vinterberg again on the Academy Award-nominated Another Round, which has a nice ensemble cast similar to Mikkelsen’s latest film Riders of Justice. He’s made a career of working with very effective casts. Mikkelsen’s character Markus is in the military. While hisContinue reading “Riders of Justice Review”

Mogul Mowgli Review

Riz Ahmed is having quite the resurgence in his career lately. After a star-making role in the HBO mini-series The Night Of, he has been doing some great work, as evidenced in Sound of Metal last year from Amazon Prime. He has garnered an Academy Award nomination for his role of Ruben Stone, a heavy metal drummer whoContinue reading “Mogul Mowgli Review”

Concrete Cowboy Review

Some of the best movies tell stories we may have never heard of before. It’s always nice when a slice-of-life story comes along that is very interesting and strikes a chord with viewers. Concrete Cowboy is one such film with a very touching story. Cole (Caleb McLaughlin, Stranger Things) is a troubled teen in Detroit. His mother hasContinue reading “Concrete Cowboy Review”

Tina Review

What I remember about Tina Turner is her huge success in the ’80s with the album Tiny Dancer and her huge hit single “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, which also serves as the title of the biopic about her abusive relationship with her partner and collaborator Ike Turner. I also remember her starring in Mad MaxContinue reading “Tina Review”

Godzilla vs Kong Review

Warner Bros. landed a deal with Legendary Films and with that came the MonsterVerse. WB wanted to create this shared universe between Godzilla and King Kong to compete with Disney and Marvel to some extent. To a lesser extent. they do. Marvel/Disney has a lot more characters and can do many more films. The MonsterVerseContinue reading “Godzilla vs Kong Review”

The Courier Review

Spy films have evolved since their origin. The James Bond franchise is the measuring stick that all spy films are measured by. But that isn’t where the spy genre stops. Some are comedies, some are based on television shows, and some are based on great works of literature. All that considered, the best spy films are thoseContinue reading “The Courier Review”

Charlatan Review

This year’s crop of Best International Features has been narrowed down to a shortlist, allowing the Academy voters to have a smaller group of folks to choose from. Charlatan is one of those films. It is the Czech representative for the Best International Feature for the 93rd Academy Awards. It deserved a nomination for sure. Ivan TrojanContinue reading “Charlatan Review”