The Inspection Review

As diversity in film and equality in Hollywood has started to spread through the film industry, more and more movies have started telling LGBT stories. Some are comedies, and others are very serious fare, such as The Inspection. In this film, Elegance Bratton writes and directs what amounts to a movie about his time in bootContinue reading “The Inspection Review”

The Whale Review

Darren Aronofsky is a director that isn’t for everybody. His films are a little offbeat. That’s not surprising though to most film fans or critics. We’ve been watching his films for a while now. I started watching his films with Requiem For a Dream and Pi. The Fountain wasn’t one of my favorites of hisContinue reading “The Whale Review”

Aftersun Review

Father-daughter or father-son movies have been a genre that has usually had some good films. It is a genre that pulls at the heartstrings and brings out the emotions of the characters depicted in the movie. These types of films usually have dramatic moments or tough love that parents can give to their children. AndContinue reading “Aftersun Review”

Stars at Noon Review

Stars at Noon is the second film of 2022 for fence filmmaker Claire Denis. The other one, Both Sides of the Blade starring Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon (Titane) was almost unwatchable. Her film High Life from 2018 starring Robert Pattinson was quite the contrary. I was totally engaged by this man living on aContinue reading “Stars at Noon Review”

Funny Pages Review

There have been a few movies about cartoonists before but none of them have been as weird and off the wall as Funny Pages. This film is a cross between American Splendor and a coming-of-age film. It has a period look to it that takes place back in the 80s but it’s a modern film.Continue reading “Funny Pages Review”

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review

There have been plenty of horror films where a group of young people meets up in a single location. This horror trope is so old it’s hardly an original idea for a movie… that is, until now. You have a young couple meeting their friends at a secluded mansion on a mountain during a hurricane.Continue reading “Bodies Bodies Bodies Review”

My Top 10 Films of 2022 Halfway Through the Year

Honorable Mentions are as Follows X, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Julia, Hustle, The Sea Beast, Survivor, Top Gun: Maverick, Turning Red, 10: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent This film leans in on the nostalgia of Nicolas Cage and his entire persona. He is very self-deprecating regarding making fun of himself and that persona heContinue reading “My Top 10 Films of 2022 Halfway Through the Year”

Everything Everywhere All At Once Review

In film history, there have been quite a few irreverent filmmakers with a style all their own. They’ve made some very unique films. A more recent pair of oddball filmmakers are the Daniels: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Their movie Swiss Army Man took the world by storm back in 2016. The Death of Dick Long, not soContinue reading “Everything Everywhere All At Once Review”

X Review

The horror genre has done pretty much everything ever since movies have existed. So it’s hard to do something original and new. That being said, X tried to be original while also falling back on horror tropes we’ve come to know for decades now. They deserve the benefit of the doubt because despite falling back on thingsContinue reading “X Review”