Eternals Review

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Disney have run the gamut of possible characters they could introduce as stand-alone films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last two decades. I don’t think anybody thought the Eternals would get their own film though,  Let alone get directed by Chloe Zhao, the low-budget indie director of TheContinue reading “Eternals Review”

My Top 10 Films of 2020 with HM’s

1: Nomadland Fern is a woman whose life has fallen apart. Her job and town have gone extinct. She is forced to live out of her van and travel from state to state and town to town. Like, a modern-day nomad. Francis McDormand gives a more subdued performance than she ever has before in Nomadland. It’s justContinue reading “My Top 10 Films of 2020 with HM’s”

Nomadland Review

Chloe Zhao is a hot commodity in Hollywood these days, so much that she got offered to do a big-budget Marvel movie. But before she hit the big time directing an MCU film, she did low-budget indies, such as Songs My Brothers Taught Me and The Rider. Just like her previous films, Nomadland is a semi-documentary semi-narrative film. It hasContinue reading “Nomadland Review”