Empire of Light Review

Sam Mendez has been on fire lately directing two of the last three James Bond films, Skyfall and Specter, and nearly winning a second-best picture Academy Award for 1917 his WWI epic. Which looked like it was filmed as one continuous shot by master cinematographer Roger Deakins. Mendes and Deakins got to work together againContinue reading “Empire of Light Review”

Mothering Sunday Review

Films and Television shows such as Downton Abbey, Gosford Park, and Howards End have shed light on the service industry in Great Britain and the British Isles. They show this world in a way they haven’t been shown before. They give credence to people who otherwise wouldn’t be discussed very much in these mediums. Mothering Sunday is another film that dealsContinue reading “Mothering Sunday Review”

Supernova Review

Bleecker Street has had a few movies recently that have dealt with love and its many variations. This film is about two men specifically who have a very touching and beautiful relationship. Supernova is that rare film that touches on romantic things without being too preachy. It has a softer side to it that films such asContinue reading “Supernova Review”