Supernova Review

Bleecker Street has had a few movies recently that have dealt with love and its many variations. This film is about two men specifically who have a very touching and beautiful relationship. Supernova is that rare film that touches on romantic things without being too preachy. It has a softer side to it that films such as this usually don’t. Love in all its different variations can be good at times.

Tusker (Stanley Tucci) and Sam (Colin Firth) are two lovers who embark on a cross-country road trip through England. One of them is a classical musician and the other a novelist. They use their time together to express their love for one another as well as visiting some of their favorite sites. Along the way, they meet up with some old friends. This film is in the vein of The Trip trilogy, albeit with a more delicate touch to it.

Both Firth and Tucci give fantastic performances. Firth is showing a caring, concerned side of the relationship, and Tucci is showing a side of a man who appreciates the love of his partner, but he knows he doesn’t have long to live. He wants to be a realist in his situation. Both actors show why they are considered great. The subtleness with which they handle everything their characters have to deal with is of two seasoned veterans.

The road trip aspect of the film is very nice because of the backdrop of the film. The back roads and country towns of England. It’s unusually sunny and beautiful. Which makes the cinematography shine in the film. The rolling hills and countryside come to life vividly in the camera of Dick Pope. The film is as beautiful to look at as the relationship between these two men is. Everything unfolds at a nice pace as well.

The writer/director, Harry MacQueen, seems to have a deft hand with this film and these characters. He chooses a delicate and lighter touch with the characters and story instead of a more flamboyant and extravagant side to them. This is more like the everyday LGBTQ community. Living amongst the populous in every country, state, and town across the globe. From personal experience, the gay community is just normal people living their lives dealing with the same things everyone else deals with. Like paying bills, going to work, and having family gatherings.

Supernova is anchored by two great performances by its leads Firth and Tucci. It has beautiful cinematography while the two are driving across the English countryside. The real star of the film is the writer/director Harry MacQueen. He takes a very difficult subject matter and deals with it with grace. The story of these two lovers unfolds beautifully as the film progresses. It’s nice to see a movie about gay men that is shown a lot of love and caring. This film is just very beautiful all the way around.

4 stars

Dan Skil Allen

Sean Boelman

Founder/EIC disappointment media

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