Nothing Compares Review

In the past, there have been a lot of musicians who have been controversial figures. With a stage to perform on they tend to say and do what’s on their minds. One of the most controversial is the singer from Dublin, Ireland Sinead O’Connor. With her abusive childhood and the issues, she has had withContinue reading “Nothing Compares Review”

Fire of Love Review

love documentaries because they tell stories about someone I know, but not that well, or they can tell a story about someone or something I don’t know very much about. That’s the case with Fire of Love. This documentary tells the story of two of the world’s best volcanologists, Katia and Maurice Krafft, and why theyContinue reading “Fire of Love Review”

Misha and the Wolves Review

Documentaries can be straightforward sometimes or they can be a little off the wall. Every once in a while you get a doc that tells a story that’s so incredible it is too good to be true. Misha and the Wolves is a little bit of all of this combined. I don’t know how the filmmakers heardContinue reading “Misha and the Wolves Review”

Lily Topples the World Review

The thing about a good documentary is it has to engage the viewers with a fascinating story that draws the audience in. Even though Lily Topples the World is pretty much a straightforward doc, it has what it needs to be interesting and fascinating and that’s its subject, Lily Hevesh. Her story is not that of anContinue reading “Lily Topples the World Review”

Tina Review

What I remember about Tina Turner is her huge success in the ’80s with the album Tiny Dancer and her huge hit single “What’s Love Got to Do With It”, which also serves as the title of the biopic about her abusive relationship with her partner and collaborator Ike Turner. I also remember her starring in Mad MaxContinue reading “Tina Review”

76 Days Review

This film is the first of its kind. Not the fact that it’s a documentary, the fact that it’s the first film about the COVID-19 epidemic. Filmmakers Hao Wu & Weixi Chen take their cameras to the Wuhan Province in China where this epidemic started. They specifically focus on five hospitals and their doctors andContinue reading “76 Days Review”

All In: The Fight For Democracy

A Film that is as important as it’s subject matter! Over the decades, this country has had its fair share of voter fraud and even downright intimidation at the polls, mostly in the southern states but sometimes out West. Voter suppression is an old trick by people intending to fraud a particular county, district, orContinue reading “All In: The Fight For Democracy”

The Donut King

An inspiring immigration Story! When I was a kid, I lived in New England and one of my favorite places to eat was Dunkin’ Donuts. They had the most fluffy and delicious donuts when I was young. Little did I know then that they weren’t the be all end all of the donut shops inContinue reading “The Donut King”