The Mother Review- A Film That Falls Short of Its Lofty Goals

Jennifer Lopez has carved out a night career for herself in Hollywood besides her singing career. She got her big break in the musical biopic Salena and later starred opposite George Clooney in Out of Site. She was off and running. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Ben Affleck has been all over the tabloids but itContinue reading “The Mother Review- A Film That Falls Short of Its Lofty Goals”

Werewolf by Night Review

Marvel/Disney hasn’t been doing horror-themed shows or films ever since Kevin Feige started the MCU. Things are about to change with a Blade movie in production and little tea leaves that have been predicting a possible Midnight Sons shortly But first, we get to see Werewolf by Night rumored to appear in Moon Knight butContinue reading “Werewolf by Night Review”