Werewolf by Night Review

Marvel/Disney hasn’t been doing horror-themed shows or films ever since Kevin Feige started the MCU. Things are about to change with a Blade movie in production and little tea leaves that have been predicting a possible Midnight Sons shortly But first, we get to see Werewolf by Night rumored to appear in Moon Knight but alas that was erroneous. This Disney Special Presentation is the first time Werewolf by Night has been on the big or little screen.

Jack Russell (Gael Garcia Bernal) is one of a handful of hunters invited to a special ceremony at the compound of Ulysses Bloodstone by his wife Venessa (Harriet Samson Harris). He has passed away and his precious Bloodstone must be passed on to another. Not necessarily his daughter Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly) though. A contest to see who is worthy of the stone ensues and these hunters are out for blood.

Fans of horror or suspense thrillers would have predicted that a director of these types of films would have been chosen to direct the horror-themed special but alas not Feige chose instead a world-renowned composer who he has worked with before Michael Giacchino to direct Werewolf by Night. He has of course added a haunting score with many upbeat and suspenseful moments in it. Perfectly paired with this spooky special. 

Another addition to the team bringing this show to light was Zoe White the cinematographer. She used black and white to tell this horror-themed special to Disney Plus. The black and white added an element of macabre to the shoe. The shadows were cast on the walls and created interesting angles in the camera view. Using black and white was a great choice. It allowed the actors to act within a lens of darkness so they could be a bit over the top in the performances.

Werewolves have always been my favorite horror-themed monsters. There is something about how they can be just a normal guy and when the moon turns full they turn into beasts. The Howling and The Wolfman starring Lon Cheney Jr in a star-making performance as Lawrence Talbot. Herbal gives a very good performance as the Werewolf by Night. He is a bit mysterious and cool under pressure but he is also a little funny at times. The mix is nice for the time he is playing. He fits into the character perfectly. I look forward to where he pops up next in the MCU.

Werewolf by Night was a breath of fresh nighttime air in the MCU. It is completely different than anything they have done before and I can’t wait to see where these characters go from here. Herbal becomes this character and he’s pretty good at being a monster. The score by Giachino is fantastic and haunting and suspenseful. The cinematography is gorgeous to look at. All the way around this Disney Plus Special Presentation is a win for me. I very much enjoyed the throwback feel to it that reminded me of the classic monster The Wolfman. 

4 stars 

Dan Skip Allen

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