Triangle of Sadness Review

Ruben Ostlund is a director that isn’t shy about putting controversial topics in his films. He has dealt with topics of marriage and relationships in Force Majeure and business and expressionism in The Square. Now he tackles the class system and excess in The Triangle of Sadness. One thing is for sure he doesn’t messContinue reading “Triangle of Sadness Review”

Fire of Love Review

love documentaries because they tell stories about someone I know, but not that well, or they can tell a story about someone or something I don’t know very much about. That’s the case with Fire of Love. This documentary tells the story of two of the world’s best volcanologists, Katia and Maurice Krafft, and why theyContinue reading “Fire of Love Review”

Spencer Review

The Crown has done a great job depicting the lives of the Royals going back to the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Last season, they started showing more of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Season 6 is going to have more of this royal couple on The Crown. In the meantime, Pablo Larraín (Jackie) has madeContinue reading “Spencer Review”