The Fallout Review

The Fallout is the latest film from HBO that has gone to the HBO Max streaming service. It’s also the newest movie dealing with the “fallout” after a school shooting. It’s not necessarily the best film dealing with this subject matter though. It premiered originally at SXSW back in March.  Vada (Jenna Ortega, Scream) is an awkwardContinue reading “The Fallout Review”

The Mauritanian Review

Films about the fallout from 9/11 have been fee and far between over the almost two decades since that tragic day. The country has been looking for people to blame for those tragedies ever since. The Report and Fair Game are two of the best films dealing with the said fallout of this event in this country’s history. YouContinue reading “The Mauritanian Review”

Miles Teller on the rise!

Recently a lot of young talented actors have popped into the public eye. Michael B. Jordan ,Zac Efron and Dane Dehaan among others. One of them is Miles Teller. Teller is from Downingtown,Pensylvania. As a child his family moved around a lot do to his fathers job as an engineer. They moved to New JerseyContinue reading “Miles Teller on the rise!”